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Mushy pears

We’ve had a good crop on one of our nashi pear trees but some of the fruits lower down have gone dark brown and mushy. I cut a few of them open and could see the entry and exit wounds (so to speak) made by the larvae of the codling moth – or so I guess.

But some of the pears have a dark brown patch on the skin, and mushy flesh just below it, without there being any holes. What could have happened here?

Nashi pear: codling moth hole alongside mysterious brown mushy patch

I looked it up on the Internet and it seems that this internal mushiness in nashi pears is an occurrence that no-one understands. No-one even knows if the cause is insects, fungus or disease.

When I start growing nashis commercially I’ll look into it a bit more deeply!

I wonder if anyone else has had this happen?

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