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Broken peach tree


Last night, just as it was getting dark, I found the branch of a peach tree almost completely ripped off. The sounds of sawing (to finish the severing) and hammering (to put in the peg for a guy rope to keep the tree upright) plus swearing could be heard in the dark orchard.

I set the neighbours’ dogs off barking, followed by ours.

The branch was heavy: it had more than a hundred small peaches on it, not quite ripe. We stripped them off and made jam.

No prizes for guessing that the weight of the fruit caused this. I’d put various props and supports in place already but had not spotted this particular branch as being in danger. It’s now one very lopsided tree.

A fruitful peach tree

The photo is of the tree’s ‘sister’ which brought its crop successfully to term a few weeks ago.

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