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September 3, 2011 1 comment

A scorpion

A perfect little black form, every detail sharp. You can see the size of it from the tile crack next to it.

We found 2 of them last night on the sitting room floor, first one and then the other. They were perfectly still, and only curled up their tails in defensive posture when I pushed them gently into the dustpan with the brush.

They eat insects and spiders and their sting doesn’t amount to much, so we don’t mind them. But we get a bit uptight if we see one on the ceiling because it could drop down someone’s neck. Although, mind you, I can’t imagine them losing their grip.

Now did one of these critters return from the garden or was it a totally different individual? Following on from this, I picked up what I thought was a squashed grape from beside my shoes. I was holding it quite hard between finger and thumb when, to my surprise, I felt it uncurl.

I quickly dropped it into the palm of my other hand and there it was – a fine specimen of a scorpion. It didn’t sting me or even raise its tail. But I got it out of the house a bit smartish and kept the dogs away from it,  just in case.