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Mouse on wheels

Out shopping in Valtopina, one of the ‘vigili’ (town police) threatened to put a ticket on our parked car if we didn’t move it fractionally away from a junction. At the same time he pointed out that we were losing liquid – brake fluid, he said.

The bed under the bonnet

Back home, we confirmed that it was in fact washer fluid leaking from the jets in front of one of the headlamps.

Our handy friends went in behind the headlamp and discovered, in the air filter housing, a pile of small pieces of foam and plastic. These had obviously been scuffed up directly from there, and also brought in from various other places as evidenced by nibble marks.  It was a mouse’s nest.

So that was why the dogs had been sniffing under the front of the car!

Those little perisher mice must have felt safer there than in the weep holes of the wall which is where they normally hang out – assuming it’s all the same tribe.

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