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Oh, willow

September 17, 2011 Leave a comment

Some plants don’t grow well here, like the rowan I wrote about. But others – wow.

The fast-growing willow tree

This particular willow has grown, in one year, from a metre-high sapling into a mature tree at least 5 metres tall.

It seeded itself at the foot of our home-made waterfall and so was definitely not there 2 years ago because the ground was completely dug over to make a pond.

That’s some going: 4 plus metres in a year.

I didn’t particularly want it there; in fact it’s ruined my landscaping ideas for that area of the garden, but I’m getting used to it. Its trunk and lower branches are so sturdy that I hang onto them while pivoting past on my way to pick figs.

I’ve no idea what kind of willow it is. I tried to look it up on the internet but discovered there are 400 species – even more if you count hybrids – and no site seems to be interested in depicting anything other than weeping willows.

It will just have to be ‘the giant willow’. I hope its roots don’t grow up into the septic tank and burst it open. I half expect to see a little fibrous root coming up through the plug-hole in the bath and waving at me.