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Jester Joules

September 19, 2011 Leave a comment

Our (now) eldest dog Joules, aged 6, behaves at times like a kitten.

Joules defending an apple

When he gets hold of something which he considers has value (be it a doggy treat, a toilet roll core or a fallen apple) he will ‘animate’ it – that is, pat it into life and then pretend it started moving of its own accord.

He lies in wait for it, chases it, jumps over it, holds it down, and glares at any other dog or human as if daring them to come and get it off him.

It occurred to me today, watching him pirouetting around with a half-chewed apple, that his movements would make the most beautiful mime in a ballet.

But I can’t imagine a dancer wanting to imitate a ‘dog with a rotten apple’, somehow.