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Suicidal grasshoppers

September 24, 2011 Leave a comment

It must be by a phenomenal leap that grasshoppers make it over the side of our above-ground pool.

Grasshopper on the edge of the swimming pool

Once in the water, they’re like sailors who deliberately don’t learn to swim so as not to suffer: they drown almost immediately, quite unlike most other insects.

But that’s not accounting for the monster who inhabits the pool from time to time.

She (not that they know it’s a she, or even an animate being) sometimes makes it in time to fish them out … and they’re free!

Wheeee! They jump a couple of meters – 20 times their own length.

Right back into the water.

The monster rescues them again and this time points them in the direction of the blurry green world beyond the turquoise blue one.

Sometimes – very rarely – a grasshopper sits still for a while to recuperate and reflect on its inadequacies. That’s how the photo came about, which is of a very small grasshopper, the sort that is especially athletic.