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Collared again

September 27, 2011 1 comment

Taylor, dog of leisure

Taylor, our youngest dog, has been licking and licking a scratch in his right arm-pit until it’s red and sore. Finally, in despair, we’ve put an Elizabethan collar on him.

Collar, bonnet, helmet – all words we use for the wretched thing which inconveniences us as well as him. He doesn’t seem to have minded it much this time, though: perhaps he’s just resigned to his imprisonment.

I read once that the wound-licking instinct in predators is adapted to the amount of time that a wild animal would normally have for it. An African hunting dog, for example, tired from the chase and on pup-rearing duty perhaps, would lick a wound enough to keep it clean and no more. Whereas our leisured Taylor over-eggs the pudding, so to speak.

In the photo he isn’t wearing his contraption, but his courtesan-like pose marks him out as a true dog of leisure.