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Taylor at it again

Taylor's leggings

This time it’s his hind legs: the skin over the Achilles tendons, to be precise.

He has a series of sores, which scab over and then become raw again as he licks them, which he does wherever and whenever he gets the opportunity.

It’s occurred to me that it’s a form of psoriasis, perhaps brought on by the stress of Kepler’s arrival.

Be that as it may, Kepler certainly helps to keep the sores going, biting them with his needle-sharp teeth,  untying the Elizabethan collar strings, and helping to undo any bandages .

Today, I tried encasing Taylor’s legs in some tubular bandage left over from Joules’ wound dressing.

The leggings looked smart, and I even felt that Taylor accepted them because of their aesthetic appeal. But they were soon the object of Kepler’s devoted attention.

One way or another, they weren’t going to survive a trip outside, so I took them off. I need to think of a better idea.

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