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Up with the lark

We did get up early – at 7.00 am – but that’s not what I mean.

I’m referring to Aesop’s fable of the lark, in which Mother Lark is only impressed enough to move her fledglings out of harm’s way when the farmer says he will harvest the wheat himself, rather than waiting for his neighbours to help him.

With this fable in mind, we decided to build the steps up to the pool ourselves, starting today.

First layer of the steps plus tools and materials

The first bit was quite fiddly and involved the following:

  • taking off skirting from round the column that the steps will be next to
  • gluing pieces of tile on the bare concrete at the back of the diagnostic hollow so the rim will be all the same level
  • making shuttering with pieces of polystyrene to protect the copper pipes
  • laying a piece of ducting from next to the pipes to a deeper part of the diagnostic hollow to take a humidity sensor in the future
  • mixing up concrete, using gravel rather than sand
  • pouring the concrete  into the diagnostic hollow near the pipes to give the steps an extra solid support
  • putting gravel in the rest of the diagnostic hollow and levelling it off

After this, things made rapid progress. We placed 5 (in total) 8-centimetre- thick ‘cordoli’ (heavy concrete curbs) to form the foundation layer of the steps. The front ‘cordolo’ is 12 centimetres thick and so heavy that I can’t even budge it pushing it along the ground.

It was brought into the house by the men who delivered it, along with 132 sacks of pellets for the stove.

One layer and that’s all for today, but we’re on our way.

Good old lark!

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