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My desk

My cluttered desk

I’m sure most people have strange, unlikely objects on their desk. This is a photo of mine – entirely unrehearsed – and a list of some of the weirder items:

  • a tin of polish for leather boots
  • a jar of tiger balm
  • red antiseptic liquid for dogs
  • a box of anti-itch tablets for dogs (what inspired the blog)
  • a stack of little cups for dispensing medicines
  • 2 surgical gloves
  • a silver butterfly letter holder
  • a Buddha paperweight
  • a kilogram weight
  • 4 jars of pens and pencils
  • a small antler from a deer
  • 3 porcupine quills
  • a flower brooch of blue cloth with artificial dew drops on it
  • a camera battery charger
  • a staple remover
  • a silver box with earphones in it
  • 2 boxes and 1 tub of chewing gum
  • a roll of fruit polos
  • a container of ‘Tums’ indigestion tablets
  • half an acorn

It’s a wonder there’s room for my monitor, keyboard and coffee cup.

What does anyone else have on their desk?

  1. Jackie
    January 28, 2012 at 11:48 am

    In contrast ours is very mundane.
    From the left are; printer – monitor – keyboard – “Floral Beauty” box of scrap paper/postits – tissues – filing rack. Thats it, not even a cuppa!!

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