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Calm blue mountain

View from the house over Monte Subasio

I needed the serenity of this view today when I once again ran into Italian bureaucracy.

I went into the Pharmacy today to remake an appointment (cancelled because of the snow) for a check-up of my glaucoma, and was surprised to be told that it wasn’t possible unless I paid the full fee.

The reason was that  in December new rules came in regarding exemption from fees under the National Health.

In order to be exempt from fees, I have to proceed as follows:

  • take identity documents to the Health Administration Centre and collect a form
  • fill out the form
  • take the form to the doctor who will enter the details on the computer
  • ask the doctor for a prescription for an appointment with the appropriate code on it
  • return to the Pharmacy and make a new appointment.

The fact that I just wanted an appointment to replace a cancelled one made no difference.

I’m supposed to have a check-up every 3 months, and even if I make an appointment for the earliest date offered as soon as I have had the last one, the waiting time usually makes for another 3-month interval.

With this multi-step procedure to undergo, probably delayed by severe weather which is due to set in tomorrow, there will be an interval of at least 7 or 8 months.

Not ideal. But then bureaucracy never does spare a thought for anything outside of itself.

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