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Kepler is still spending a great deal of time with his second family – the neighbours who own the Maremmano puppy. It’s his principal vice, and a real ‘control’ problem.

But he does at long last seem to be listening a little more to the human voice. Not so much mine, though.

It’s somewhat annoying that I feed him, take him out endlessly to relieve himself, go on walks with him, let him in and out of the house, play with him, cuddle him … and I’m taken totally for granted.

Clive, on the other hand, has been identified as the Alpha Male and for the most part has only to call him by name to be obeyed if not instantly, then at least without too much delay.

In some activities I consciously use Kepler’s name in order to reinforce it, but at other times I find myself using a variety of terms of address:

  • Little One
  • Devil Teeth (a reference to his sharp baby teeth)
  • Tiny (Taylor is still called Titch from when he was the smallest)
  • Baby
  • Poppet
  • Sweetie
  • Darling

    'Tiny' and 'Titch' playing in the snow

It occurred to me that he could also aptly be called Charlie.

Why? Because the Maremmano puppy, believe it or not,  is called Camilla!!

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