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Wild Goose

Following the computer crash of a week ago, Clive managed to make my emails readable and I thought all was well. Only yesterday did I discover that all my original photographs from August 2009 onwards had disappeared.

The reason for their not having been recovered is, I guess, similar to the reason they weren’t backed up: the camera download program had saved them in a strange way in a strange place.

We took the hard drive to a computer shop today hoping it might be possible to access them but the motor inside the hard drive doesn’t work – so nothing doing.

I’m gutted, and don’t feel able to write a proper blog let alone include a photo.

Instead, following on from the blog entry when I said I’d finished a novel after 24 years, I’m posting a reference to ‘Wild Goose’ in Kindle Edition.

Jacket of 'Wild Goose'

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