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Anything would be better than pink

That is, for the paint on our walls from the point of view of treating mould.

Red could in fact be worse – notice how it’s always red colours that fade first in the sun – and deep blue or green might be affected.

But white, cream, fawn, yellow, yellow ochre, pale green – all the really conservative colours – are more-or-less completely resistant to the bleach in the anti-mould spray.

Don’t get me wrong: I like the boldness of the strong pink in our largest room, but it’s a real nuisance when it develops fuzzy patches or, worst of all, pale vertical stripes where drips of the spray have run.

This is the worst year ever for the grey mould which appears as a grubby shadow on the ceiling wherever it meets the outside walls. Of course to treat the white ceiling wouldn’t be a problem – it’s just the pink wall adjacent to it.

Mobile masking tool in the making

So I’ve been trying to develop a ‘mobile masking tool’ to hold up into the angle between wall and ceiling. It has to have a handle so I don’t spray my hand.

The contraption is somewhere between design and prototype stages and may yet be a dismal flop, but if nothing else, I’m pleased with the Blue-Peter-ish use of scrap materials:

  • a spare piece of vinyl pool liner
  • stiffener cut from Joules’ broken Elizabethan collar
  • a piece of wood from somewhere (I’ve given up trying to work out where)
  • a short piece of hosepipe that by good fortune exactly fits onto the turned up pieces of the wood

In the picture the ‘handle’ has been propped up with a measuring tape and a roll of masking tape because I haven’t glued it yet. I’m waiting for the glue to dry on the stiffener.

The vinyl is looped up as a drip catcher.

I hope my invention works. If not I have a more elaborate Plan B for how to tackle the problematic decor.

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