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Wood felling continued

The saga of the wood felling continues as the team moves to the steep slope that shelves down to our drive.

When I emerged from the house this morning, I was hailed by the ‘boss’ (an Italian) who kept asking to speak to my husband.

“You can speak to me,” I told him. There was no point in saying my husband was an in-patient a thousand miles away!

The drive, he said, might have wood piled on it. However this would only be for a brief time as he recognised that it had to be kept open.

“Who uses the drive?” he wanted to know.

I told him the postman might need to get up it.

I took a mobile number for the man and later used it to air my concerns about there being a landslip onto the drive (which would effectively maroon us). I had been particularly upset by the fact that the men were gratuitously chopping down conifer trees and juniper bushes which were of no use to them but which might have helped retain the soil.

“We have the authorisation to cut and we are doing it according to regulation,” he said. “There won’t be a landslip.”

“But if there is?”

“There won’t be. But if there was, we would come and dig it away.”

He went on to explain that the trees are expected to sprout again, and therefore the roots stay alive. In other words, the men are coppicing.

Most of the bigger trees are hornbeams, which is a standard coppicing tree. I was further reassured to notice the scars of old cuts on the ‘stool’ (specialist word for stump) next to the new cuts.

Old and new cuts on a stool

Let’s hope he’s right and the trees will sprout. Coppicing is in fact supposed to be beneficial both for the longevity of the tree, and for biodiversity.

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