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Butter wouldn’t melt

The dogs work together as I found to my cost

Butter wouldn’t melt – or rather it would, and did.

I was in the kitchen cooking last night and made the mistake of letting the dogs keep me company.

I took a pack of butter out of the fridge, the standard 250 gram size of which I guess I’d already used about three-quarters. I opened the paper, cut off a piece of the butter, put it in the frying pan and turned my back.

This is now my best-guess reconstruction of events.

Kepler, who is long and lithe and can reach up unbelievable distances, dragged the open paper off the table with the piece of butter in the middle of it. His thin muzzle was rather over-faced by this huge dollop of bounty.

Joules, who is an opportunist and snaps things up with the speed of an ambushing crocodile, seized the butter and polished it off.

Taylor watched but was further away and couldn’t compete with Joules’ alacrity.

Unfortunately I didn’t realise the butter had disappeared until after the dogs had had something else to eat so I couldn’t see if there were tell-tale traces on their teeth.

My version of events in this co-operative heist was rather borne out today when Joules sicked up a scrap of butter paper.

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