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Pruning a rose

I’m very far from an expert at pruning roses and usually err wildly on the conservative side, but I do take it seriously.

This Spring I’m pruning rather too late due to the strange weather. It takes time because there are getting on for 20 roses to do and I only average a rose a day. This is due partly to time constraints, and partly to my old bones which can only take so much of the bending, reaching, balancing and crawling underneath to check where sprays come from and go to.

The photos show a bush which has scarlet roses (not quite single but not very double) before and after pruning.

The rose before pruning

The rose after pruning

I took off more than it appears because I removed some weedy branches close to the ground. I had a wheelbarrow piled high with clippings by the end – a bit of a ‘loaves and fishes’ operation!

The full wheelbarrow

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