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Taylor looking fine the day before yesterday

I had a bit of a scare this evening. Taylor was lying down (crouching, not flopped out on his side) and breathing very strangely.

The noise was so loud and so unlike him that it took me a while to track it down. Then he lay down completely and his eyes glazed over and started to close.

I grabbed the phone and rang our local vet. He doesn’t have significant surgery hours but makes housecalls instead, which can be very handy. I said I thought it could be serious and he asked me if Taylor was lying down. I said yes and he said in that case he would rush over. He arrived 25 minutes later.

What he didn’t tell me till afterwards was that he’d wondered whether Taylor might have been bitten by a viper, as it’s very much the season for them.

Anyway, he put his stethoscope to Taylor’s chest, took his temperature (he had a fever), and asked me a few questions. The diagnosis was bronchitis that might have developed into pneumonia, and the treatment – antibiotics.

I was relieved because, despite not having thought of snakebite, I’d imagined a lot worse.

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