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An eye for an eye

Yesterday evening in the orchard something happened to make my right eye swell right up and my forehead come out in huge lumps like those of the elephant man.

This morning, as things were no better, I phoned the doctor who said that I’d had an allergic reaction to either an insect bite or a plant. This was pretty much what I’d figured. I once did have a bad reaction to a plant – blisters all up my arm – but this is a bit different and my money’s on the insect. Some kind of horse fly, perhaps.

Anyway, I can scarcely see out of the affected eye, and certainly wouldn’t want to drive to get the medicament the doctor suggested. I’m making do with some anti-histamine cream I had already.

I look like a very evil pirate.

My current insignia

This was the best I could do for a photo of  myself. Notice the swelling under the eye – it has just started extending down my cheek.

Two eyes with a camera flash for a nose

When the vet came yesterday to see Taylor, he was obviously looking at my eye (which I hadn’t seen myself by then). It occurred to me afterwards: did he think Clive had clocked me one?

“Some reach,” Clive said when I mentioned this to him. A thousand-kilometre reach, no less!

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