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Tiling the pool steps, part 1

Just before Easter, I had a phonecall from the man who tiled the floor and the bathroom walls upstairs. He said he had a few days without any scheduled work, and did we have a use for him?

The pool steps after the 'first fix' of tiling

Since he did a very nice job last time, I asked him to quote for tiling the pool steps we had constructed out of blocks. His price was fine.

He started today with 2 sessions, morning and afternoon.

After coating all the surfaces of the blocks with mortar, including embedding some little strips of levelling metal, he laid the treads and the risers though not yet the sides of the steps.

I gave him tiles left over from doing the floor, so the steps will look like an ‘organic’ part of the room, but for the risers he used spare tiles from the kitchen!

There are little coloured spacers sticking out everywhere. Plus some anti-dog measures …

He’s an unbelievably meticulous worker with very strong aesthetic ideas – I’m delighted to let him get on with it!

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