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White Cross crossed out

First thing this morning I had an urgent text message from Clive in the Lymphedema Clinic asking me to go online and get in touch, which I did.

Things had come to a head with regard to the treatment he is having and the refusal of the therapists to either acknowledge or take into account the level of the pain in his back.

His attempt to cancel today’s sessions to allow himself time to recover was totally ignored, and he had had a row with one of the members of staff who had advised him to leave .

In short, he needed to come home ASAP.

Not the colours they use, but a White Cross nonetheless

So we made arrangements. I phoned the White Cross (Croce Bianca) and asked for the services of the minibus over the weekend, and also arranged for the dogs to go into kennels. Clive phoned the hotel where the White Cross drivers had stayed last time and reserved a twin room for them.

We had no sooner done this, than the top director (grandson of the founder of the clinic) walked into Clive’s room. The conversation took place in English and I was able to listen.

From a cynical point of view, the guy had come to ask Clive to stay in the interests of saving the face and  reputation of his clinic. But no-one could deny that he is a man of action. I’d been nagging literally for weeks, even direct to one of the doctors over the phone, about Clive being given a second mattress so that he could sleep more comfortably. This man had achieved the delivery of a mattress within a matter of a few hours.

It remains to be seen if the therapists can alter their approach, but we cancelled all the going-home arrangements and Clive is going to stick it out a bit longer.

  1. April 12, 2012 at 10:55 pm

    Good luck. Hope they manage the pain better.

    • Damaris
      April 12, 2012 at 10:58 pm

      Thank you. I know Clive will appreciate your sentiments.

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