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The orchard in spring

The photo shows the corner of the orchard  furthest away from the house and the drive, where there are two apple trees next door to each other.

The weather has been so wet of late that I doubt if much of the apple blossom has been pollinated.

The rain has been excellent for the grass, though.

The grass in the orchard is quite different to the grass in the olive grove beyond it, even though we never sowed any grass seed after planting the fruit trees but just let it repopulate by itself. It’s much softer, lusher and fast-growing.

It’s perfect if you want to flop down in it for a picnic or a snooze at this time of year, but (along with its weeds) it rapidly gets to head height if you don’t strim it.

I’ll be having the delightful job of strimming it quite soon. In fact the sooner the better, because if everything gets too high, it’s twice the labour.

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