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The Feldberg Ghost

The Lymphedema Clinic where Clive is receiving his treatment is a relatively old building which he’s been told was once a Sanatorium for children with tuberculosis.

This may or may not be relevant.

Does something like this inhabit the cafeteria?

In any case, Clive has heard someone or something moving furniture around in the cafeteria in the middle of the night, around 3.00 am one night and at 3.40 am last night/this morning. The room is locked. There’s a way into it off a shared balcony, but that’s blocked off.

He’s not the only one to hear this disturbance. Other patients have heard it and he’s discovered that it’s a recognised phenomenon of the place. In fact it’s been named the Feldberg Ghost or, more correctly, ‘Der Feldberger Geist’.

Clive could hardly be more cynical about such things, but he hasn’t been able to come up with an explanation.

Could it be a poltergeist or something of the kind?

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