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Another ghost?

I was talking to Clive on Yahoo Messenger late last night and I heard a loud ‘wheek, wheek’ noise coming from the direction of the indoor plants.

New leaves on the grapefruit tree

Since there was nothing to be seen there, I began to wonder if it was Taylor making funny noises in his sleep or even my own foot rubbing against something.

When it happened again, I was quite sure this time that it had come from the pot which the little grapefruit tree shares with one large cactus and several offshoot cacti.

I looked on the soil, and felt under the rim on the outside of the pot because it has happened before that creatures have hidden under there during the day ready for nighttime sorties and feasts.

Finally I thought to feel right under an area where the cactus leaves overlap and form a tightly-meshed barrier and there was a hard lump.

“Aha!” I said to Clive who was listening in. “A snail!”

As far as I can ascertain, the snail had been trying to push its way up past the cactus leaves by sheer force of its shell, which is what had made the wheeking noise on the slippery leaf surface.

The snail from the plant pot

With some difficulty I fished the culprit out and lobbed it into the middle of the courtyard where it will have a nice long journey to get to anything edible.

This explains why the grapefruit tree leaves have holes in them. At least this particular snail won’t be eating the new leaves.

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