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Water, water everywhere

… and plenty to drink, at least for the dogs.

The water started flowing into the pond last night. This morning Joules was weighing up whether to drink there or somewhere else.

Joules by the replenished pond

Because the flow of water is so strong, and presumably because the outlet isn’t big enough, water is seeping continuously out of the ‘hatch’ of the blue pig, underneath the lid. I channelled this overflow down some old roof tiles to a drinking bowl for the dogs, but Kepler being Kepler had to investigate the water higher up.

Kepler the budding water engineer

The existing flow is quite enough for the system to cope with. Yesterday afternoon, I deliberately broke the connection between the bit of blue pipe sticking out of the stone chamber where the water emerges, and the thin black pipe which normally conducts the water straight  into the red corrugated pipe which is underground at that point. This allowed me to plug the hole in the concrete basin around the black pipe – but not completely, as I found. The water has filled the basin to overflowing, but is still getting to the blue pig.

The basin where the water first appears

There’s now the sound of trickling water all over the place – one of my favourite sounds provided it’s not indicative of a problem.

I wonder if, during the drought last summer or maybe because of a minor earthquake, some form of syphon broke in the network of springs in the rock, and now the connection has been re-established. I do hope so!

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