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Pear leaf blister mite

I gave the orchard its petal-fall or fruit-set spraying this morning and of course, not having rained for several days, it decided to rain 2 hours later. Typical.

Leaves (and fruit?) affected by blister mites

While spraying I noticed that one of the pear trees was looking poorly. I looked on the internet and am inclined to think it has blister mites.

These mites are microscopic and they overwinter under the bud scales ready to emerge in the spring. They suck sap from the leaves and secrete chemicals which cause the blisters.

Apparently there’s no product currently available to amateurs for treating the pest. The main remedy is to remove the affected leaves unless the tree is heavily infested (as in this case) when it could do more harm than good. 

Apparently it doesn’t mean there won’t be fruit, although I’ve noticed that the little fruit in the photo has something wrong with it, too.

The photo below is of another part of the tree – possibly worse affected still.

More leaves affected by the blister mites

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