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Heath fritillary caterpillar

Caterpillar of the heath fritillary butterfly

I photographed this spiky caterpillar the other day without having any idea what species it was.

Today, after a long hunt on the internet, I finally identified it as the caterpillar of the heath fritillary butterfly.

They’re extremely rare in Britain and Germany, apparently, but not particularly rare over Europe as a whole.

They’re nicknamed the ‘woodman’s follower’ because they follow the cycle of cutting around a piece of coppiced woodland, benefitting from the increased warmth in the clearings. I wonder if the origin of this one is the coppice next door?

The caterpillars eat cow-wheat which doesn’t grow here, but also foxglove, plantain, speedwell and yarrow. This lucky caterpillar is spoilt for choice because it’s surrounded by all 4 of those plants!

In the photo it’s sitting on a stem of speedwell, witness the blurry blue flower.

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