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Opening the pool!

View of the pool tarpaulin

At last the weather has become just about warm enough to take the tarpaulin off the outside swimming pool.

The weird landscape in the photo is actually the surface of the tarpaulin. The hillock in the middle  is made by one of the ice-expansion-compensators floating on the water underneath. The dark patches are fallen leaves.

When the tarpaulin is rolled back, all the water lying on top of it accumulates and is then too heavy to lift over the rim of the pool. I actually got into the pool and tried pushing it from inside, but it didn’t work. The only thing to do is to drain the water by means of a syphon.

Kepler had a wonderful time playing with the jet of water as it was syphoned off and then dashing in and out of the folds of the tarpaulin where it lay on the ground.

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