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Rose chafers

Along with white-spotted rose beetles, rose chafers are my personal pet enemies.

They’re generally fewer in number than white-spotted rose beetles but much larger and much more destructive. They can make a rose look seedy and unhappy in a matter of minutes.

Rose chafer munching on a rose

They’re actually very beautiful: they look like great square-cut emeralds browsing through the petals. Iridescent green above, their undersides are iridescent purple.

Their predilection is for white and yellow roses. I found two today munching side by side on a full-blown yellow rose and picked them up one in each hand, where they scrabbled and made me feel quite creepy.

After a short imprisonment in a large yoghurt pot, I submitted them to a photo session then flushed them down the toilet.

Rose chafer close up

I’ve crushed them in my fingers before now, but they’re so big that it’s really unpleasant.

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