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Yellow raspberries

A few years ago I bought two red raspberry canes and one yellow raspberry cane.

The first year it was obvious that yellow raspberries are not at all ‘red raspberries but a different colour’, which is what I’d been told.

Ripe yellow raspberry

They’re quite different. They’re small, fragile (they break easily into individual globules), milder and sweeter in flavour and without that very distinctive woody ‘raspberry’ taste.

Over the next couple of years the contrast in habit of the two types of raspberry became apparent. Red raspberries grow tall and floppy, and fruit heavily when they get going.

Yellow raspberries on the other hand are shorter, more bushy and more prolific in terms of new canes. The fruits ripen earlier, but as they’re so much smaller, it’s tempting to overlook them once the red raspberries ripen.

All in all the red raspberries come out as more important, but I’m glad we got a mixture.

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