Mowing the path between the olive grove and the orchard

Our neighbour Angelo is at this very moment mowing the olive grove, singing his head off above the noise of the tractor.

He looks after the grove in exchange for all the oil (bar a very small amount for us). This year I had to remind him twice about mowing.

When he came to view the situation last Saturday, with his little grandson in tow, he first of all asked if we would make a contribution to the diesel, the cost of which last year (just for mowing)had apparently exceeded the revenue from the oil.

Then he asked if he could cut a piece of our woodland in exchange for his work. This certainly wasn’t the agreement.

He pointed out that we didn’t need olive oil because we cook with sunflower oil. I told him we use it as medicine for us and the dogs, which is true (also sometimes for cooking).

He dropped hints about us forking out for fertiliser, etc, etc.

I said he should look at the flowers on the olive trees and decide whether he wanted the harvest or not. In the end he said he would have it this year, and then see after that.

Anyway, Angelo and his hot-breathed tractor are here now, despatching all the wild flowers. I did at least manage to save a small triangular sliver where there are lots of orchids including lizard orchids which I hadn’t even noticed were there.

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