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Rustling in the night

For three nights in a row there’s been a rustling at the top of the bank just outside the window.

I heard it first when I was taking Kepler out for his late-night bathroom run, and dashed in to get a torch. Although the rustling didn’t stop, I never saw anything. The second night was much the same.

Last night I was a bit more cunning. I crept down the back wall where there’s no intruder light and switched the torch on suddenly.

Lo and behold there were two porcupines.

Porcupine with crest lowered

Presumably because they felt threatened, their crests were up, making them look like ships in full sail among the bushes. They scurried off down the slope into the valley.

It would have been a male and a female – apparently they’re monogamous.

I can’t think what the attraction was at the top of the bank. They might find a few tulip bulbs but not six-porcupine-nights’-worth of them!

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