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In praise of the bidet

A bidet. Note the very useful directional nozzle

I’ve often wanted to conduct a survey on unusual uses of bidets.

When I was in Spain quite a long time ago, the family I stayed with kept terrapins in theirs.

They’re perfect for washing small dogs in.

You can leave a plant soaking overnight in one.

They’re just the right height for washing your feet.

In fact it wasn’t till we had our own bidets that I really appreciated them for their proper use.

Unfortunately I can’t use any bidet at the moment because our water is cut off. I noticed in the small hours of this morning, and almost twenty-four hours later we’re still not  back on.

I’ve never heard the Water Authority sound quite so unreassuring about when they hope to get the supply back .

Apparently, despite torrential rain in May and at least one violent thunderstorm in June, there’s no water at all in the tank which serves us.

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