I adore fireflies. They exist more-or-less singly where we are, winking away among the bushes on a warm, still night.

The lantern the fireflies like to dance round

The photo is of one of the spots (an outside lantern rapidly submerging under sweet peas) where fireflies particularly like to dance. It may be because it’s next to a pond.

The other night in the dark bedroom I saw a winking light and thought at first it was some greeny-yellow LED on a gadget of Clive’s that I didn’t know about.

But it moved, and followed me into the next room.

I opened a window and tried to waft it towards it. It would go so far, then settle on my hand, its light going out as it did so.

Before I could reach the window, it would launch itself off and go flashing through the room again.

Finally I lost it when it landed on a piece of furniture and extinguished its light. Sadly there wan’t much more I could do for it.

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