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The other day we received a letter from Totalgaz, our GPL suppliers, saying they were going to take our tank away because we hadn’t had a fill-up recently and we must therefore dig it out of the ground ready for them.

That’s a major undertaking, and would leave us without a supplier, a tank, and gas for cooking and for some of our heating in winter.

I phoned my contact (whom I’ve had dealings with on and off for nearly 9 years now) and arranged for the letter to be waived on condition of a fill-up in the next week or so.

Totalgaz office premises, shared wih other gas companies

Today I went to the offices of Totalgaz to make sure they took into account the discount for mains gas not being available where we are.

The offices and their hot, bright little courtyard were barred and barricaded  behind heavy grade steel mesh fencing. A pleasant young man, who seemed to be representing Totalgaz singlehanded, told me everything was sorted already.

It seems the rate my contact quoted to us was a special, all-in, reduced rate that he’d arranged (bad enough, though).

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