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Putting the grapefruit tree outside

The grapefruit tree in its new, bracing location

The grapefruit tree which started as a pip 4 years ago has spent its summer indoors so far.

I did in fact put it out earlier in the year, but such a wind blew up that I thought it wouldn’t cope and I brought it in again.

After that it started growing this incredible upward branch which I didn’t want to risk getting broken.

The upward branch has continued, as if seeking the sun, so that it now towers more than a metre above the rest of the plant. It gives the tree a totally unbalanced appearance, and yet we’re reluctant to cut it as its large, glossy leaves make it look healthier than the rest of the plant.

Today we decided to put the little tree in a half-way house in the shelter of a wall, next to a cotoneaster growing from above, and with its top tied loosely to a stake. Unfortunately there’s quite a wind blowing so it’s getting a bit of a trial by fire.

Nonetheless we hope that this dose of the real world will make it bush out a bit.

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