Boar hound

Kepler recovering from his excitement

You could hardly call Kepler a boar hound but he did try very hard this evening to protect us from an invasion of wild boars.

We were having supper outside when all three dogs starting barking madly at something.

I grabbed the torch and shone it down the slope. There was a wild boar, looking as if it couldn’t make up its mind whether to come up to the house or not.

I think the torch must have tipped the balance because after a moment of hesitation it headed down into the valley, chased by Taylor.

I managed to scoop Joules and Taylor into the house but Kepler continued to vent spleen from the top of the slope.  He even went round to the other side of the house and barked from there.

Once I’d got him indoors as well, I went outside to listen.

There was rustling from different places at the foot of the slope but although I shone the torch, I never saw anything.

It really felt like looking down from the ramparts of a castle listening to a hidden enemy.

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