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A scratched cornea

Yesterday evening Kepler’s right eye was tight shut and obviously hurting him.

I called our local vet and although it was 9.00 pm, he came straight round on his motorbike.

He thought there was probably a foreign object in the eye but despite his and my best efforts, we couldn’t get to see properly because Kepler was writhing so.

The vet said he would need to anaesthetise the eye in his surgery, so asked us to go there next day i.e. today.

The unassuming building which houses the local vet’s surgery

We’d never been to the surgery before. It’s not open many hours, but more than I’d realised.

The vet anaesthetised Kepler’s eye and put in a green dye which allowed him to discover that he has a small scratch on his cornea – an ulcer, he called it, the swelling of which is causing the discomfort.

I just caught sight of the scratch: a tiny white mark. The vet thinks it was most probably caused by his running through dry, sharp vegetation.

There’s a chance the cornea will heal completely and Kepler’s sight would in that case be unaffected.

The vet prescribed 2 lots of eye drops each of which must be administered 4 times a day for 5 days.

Given that Kepler is absent a large part of each day plus he wriggles like an eel, this is not a matter to take lightly.

I looked at Kepler and said something like : “You, what you put me through!” The vet laughed because it’s apparently exactly what a native of Valtopina would say.

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