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Kepler’s bell

I took Kepler to the vet this morning to check that the ulcer on his cornea is healing – which apparently it is.

The vet was in the middle of an extremely heated ding-dong with someone on his mobile phone, almost certainly his wife. He had difficulty calming down enough to deal with us, poor man.

Kepler at long last limped in front of him and he was able to confirm that the cause is, as he thought, a slack tendon which moves out of the groove on his kneecap every so often. He may have to have an operation.

I mentioned to the vet that Kepler had been absent from home (perhaps I should say ‘official home’) for nearly 12 hours yesterday. Semi-humorously he suggested putting a bell round his neck.

Kepler’s bell sitting snugly on his collar

Well, I got him a bell, of the sort that sheep and hunting dogs wear. It has a very pleasant pastoral tinkle, but I don’t think he likes it very much.

This evening we could hear him most of the time, in the olive grove and nearby woods, when normally we would have had no idea where he was at all.

We’re considering putting a rough address and our mobile phone number on the bell, but that’s the next step.

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