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Ant attack

We’ve had another bout of storms, with so much rain that I had to drain the swimming pool a bit to stop it overflowing.

The ants are on the move; they’ve been milling on the doorsteps. When they cross the weather bar, I pour boiling water on them, which is very effective in the short term and completely dog-safe.

Snails ventured out over our terrace at the back and three of them must have got stranded.

A snail under attack by ants

I found them, shells intact, surrounded by a thick black peppering of ants.

I turned one of them over and it looked as if a small number of ants were tugging at shreds of the snail’s foot.

Apparently large snails try to defend themselves by producing foamy mucus but this doesn’t prevent them from being overpowered when the ants arrive in force.

I should think it’s quite a horrendous way to go.

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