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Our differentiated rubbish bins (with green string to stop the lids lifting in the wind)

We haven’t had any of our ‘differentiated’ rubbish collected for over a month, skipping several collection dates.

‘Paper’ is so full that I can hardly close the lid, ‘plastic’ is full although I could squash it down a bit more, and ‘glass’ has very little in it as we don’t generate many wine bottles.

I decided today to see if I could get something shifted or at least be reassured that we won’t be overlooked on the next collection day as has happened so many times.

  • I rang the very local number I’ve found helpful in the past – it went straight to fax.
  • I tried the next most local number which I’ve used before – it’s now unavailable.
  • I eventually got an answer on the so-called ‘switchboard’ for the service. “You must use the free-phone number,” I was told. “Why, what’s your role then?” I asked. “We do the same thing  but you must phone the free-phone number.”
  • I rang the free-phone number and got a canned message: “Your call is outside our geographical coverage.”
  • I couldn’t get back to the ‘switchboard’ people because either they didn’t pick up, or the line was busy – numerous times.
  • I phoned our local Comune. “We don’t have any numbers for the rubbish service here – only for water. I’ll ask the Police when they get back in if they’ve got any numbers and they can phone you.” They didn’t phone.

It might not appear so, but I’m actually fairly relaxed about the whole thing. I’ll let serendipity have the next go.

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