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Another little job

My favourite activity in the whole world is pottering.

Our house and garden create the ideal environment to do just that, with the added attraction of a backdrop of mountains.

The job I did today is somewhere between DIY and pottering. I was trying out an experimental way of sealing and gap-covering on the existing paintwork of the mirador balustrade.

The balustrade is made of concrete. A quartz paint (the official correct solution) was professionally applied soon after installation but lasted less than a fortnight before starting to peel off.

After that we painted it with white epoxy paint which is very durable but unfriendly to work with because 2 parts must be mixed together and it has to be applied very fast before it dries up and is useless.

The epoxy coat lasted in good condition for something like 3 years but then became mottled and powdery on the top of the handrail while some of the more exposed balusters started peeling. It’s peeled more since then.

A baluster that will need attention next time

My idea consists of using a white rubberised paint which is designated as being for interior use but which I’ve used with success in exterior jobs – to seal cracks where water was getting in between a roof and a wall, for example.

So I tried it out today – not a complete job because I want to see if it works, and also because quite a lot of the work will need a ladder.

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