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Small peaches from small trees

In order to create the orchard, we dug up a piece of olive grove in which there were young olive trees, mostly not thriving.

Scarcely noticeable in the tangle of old fence, vine and long grass, were a few spindly fruit tree saplings – apple, plum, peach and cherry.

We proceeded to plant our orchard in the customary grid fashion, and for a while all seemed in good order.

Then a couple of years after the digging over and manuring of the ground, 3 tiny fruit trees appeared in total disregard of our careful spacing: 2 peach trees and a cherry tree.

One of the little peach trees

The cherry tree had its first cherries this year (total number: 2), while the peach trees have bushed out and are each bearing a good crop.

The peaches on these ‘regrowth’ trees are small but perfectly formed like the plants on which they grow. They are sweet, yellow-fleshed, quite hard, and keep well. If you don’t feel like munching into a great big dripping peach from one of the regular trees, then one  from the little urchin trees is just the job.

A small part of the crop from the 2 little trees

There are far too many to eat raw. So far we’ve peeled them, cut them up, part-stewed them and frozen them unsweetened ready to use at a future date.

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