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Joules’ final check-up

Joules on the ultrasound table

Joules has at long last been given a clean bill of health following his cancer, which was a grade 2 mast cell tumour, or mastocytoma.

His status is as if it had never happened, although we have to bear in mind that he has a tendency to get these most insidious and dangerous of tumours.

He behaved impeccably throughout his appointment, except for getting a bit introspective and morose when he was turned over on the ultrasound table just before I took the photo.

He has slight issues with his liver (a little enlarged) and his kidneys (a little damaged) but these are nothing to do with the cancer and don’t require treatment.

I’m so relieved. This has been a journey of over a year, with no guarantee of success.

The best thing of all is that Joules is a sunny-natured, affectionate dog who derives great enjoyment from life and can continue to do so.

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