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Praying, diving, climbing and falling

Praying mantises (not a correct plural but better-sounding than ‘mantids’) are possibly my favourite insects.

They have lovely faces with an expression of well-bred shock, like a maiden aunt looking over her teacup having just heard a swear word.

I’ve put photos of praying mantises on this blog before, but I can’t resist them so here are a couple more.

This brown mantis was sitting on the pool vacuum hose looking  as if it was poised to dive.


This green mantis, after trying to climb the wall and falling off, gave me a cool stare (2nd photo) as it crouched ready to repeat the onslaught.


After falling

I’m aware that I anthropomorphise insects. They’re so remote, mysterious and independent that I reckon it would be difficult to harm them thereby.

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