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Two women equals one man

The stove

‘Two women equals one man’ is an extremely sexist comment and one which needs to be taken in context.

It was what Angela, our cleaning lady, and I said to each other jokingly as we wielded wrenches and went in this way and that at the bottom of the stove trying to apply counter-pressure and tighten the nuts whose alleged looseness might be responsible for the ongoing leak.

She’d seen where the drip was coming from and I’d phoned the technician who installed the stove – in other words the amateur bodge-job was being done with his blessing.

We managed to lessen the frequency of the drips somewhat, and I put an empty hot dog sausage tin and an empty tuna tin in the bowels of the stove to hopefully catch future drips.

It will have to do until our plumber/electrician returns in a week’s time from having another eye operation in Rome.

The stove has been shutting itself down very frequently recently. The leak I’m sure has nothing to do with it and so represents an additional problem on top of the original one.

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    • Damaris
      November 1, 2012 at 2:19 am


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