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Romanesco broccoli

‘Broccolo romanesco’ as it’s called in Italy

It’s also called Roman cauliflower and the cauliflower bit is definitely more accurate.

It’s often in the shops here but I’ve never bought it before because I’ve always plumped for the usual white cauliflower.

The lady in the supermarket told me it would taste milder and sweeter and it’s certainly nice to eat raw. It’s rich in Vitamins C and K.

The little florette bits are much harder to break off than they look. They remind me of a certain kind of silverwork which I found in Spain, years ago, used on rings among other things.

The shape of the broccoli seems to be quite exciting for mathematicians. Apparently it’s made up of logarithmic spirals within logarithmic spirals, and it approximates a natural fractal – like a snowflake, Clive explained to me.

Altogether quite a special vegetable.

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