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Seeing stars

Light above the front door

We have a halogen intruder light above the front door and the second you put your nose outside, it flares bright white and scares away whatever wildlife you hoped to catch sight of plus ruins your night vision if you wanted to do some star-gazing.

The front of the house is excellent for looking at stars. (At the back you have competition from a host of twinkling lights in  the valley.)

Our electrician-cum-plumber, who came last night to look at the stove, also had a look at the sensor light and agreed it didn’t just need a new bulb but was officially kaputt.

He was also critical about the light’s quality, so I asked him to source a new one for us.

In the meantime, we’re without an intruder light. If we have some frosty nights, I might improve the shining hour and try to find some constellations.

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