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Puppy in the road

The puppy we didn’t quite run over

It’s not obvious from the photo that this is a proper road, which it is,  or that the puppy is right in the middle of it, which it is.

I stopped the car just in time.

The shepherd (more accurately goatherd) to whom it belongs had previously offered to let us have one of the litter of 5. He told us they were a mix of collie and border collie or something like that.

Clive sensed my broodiness, again.

“We’ve had enough of dogs of dubious background and training,” he repeated. “And in any case we have 3 already.”

He’s quite right. We took a huge risk with Joules, something less of one with Taylor, and both worked out well. But Kepler has been a disaster.

So when the little fellow had waddled out of the way, we left him to it.

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